We currently have two locations inside Galleria Supermarket. When you checkout please ensure you have placed the order for pick at the correct location. (If you have an order for pick up and there is a line, please let the Front Entrance employee know you are there to pick up a cake order).


  • Bakery Gateau Yorkmills

    865 Yorkmills Road, North York, ON
    Mon - Sun from 7am-7pm
    647-727-8866 ex 2

  • Bakery Gateau Thornhill

    7040 Yonge St, Thornhill, ON
    Mon - Sun from 7am-10pm
    647-727-8866 ex 1

  • Galleria Express Wellesley

    558 Yonge St, Toronto, ON
    Mon - Sun from 8am-10pm

  • Galleria Express Bloor West

    351 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON
    Mon - Sun from 8am-10pm

  • Galleria Supermarket Oakville

    2501 Hampshire Gate, Oakville, ON
    Mon - Sun from 8am-9pm

Online Orders

If you would like to place an online order, we require three days in advance for any of our products.

We typically have several flavours in stock at our Yorkmills and Thornhill Locations. To confirm availability please call us to reserve a cake. For all other products, it is at a first come first serve basis.

We currently do not offer deliveries however we have delivery partners through UberEats, Cornershop and Galleria Supermarket online.

We will assist you as best we can, however for orders with less than 72 hours notice we are unable to change the order. Please reach us by phone or the "Chat with Us" button.

At this time, we do not provide custom cakes or personalized writing.

Food Production

Bakery Gateau is known for creating handmade authentic Korean breads, cakes and roll cakes daily using quality ingredients. Because we hand make each bread in house, and do not mass produce with machines, there may be some differences in the shape and size of our products.

No, we do not use preservatives in our products! We care about what goes into our food. Rest assured we use only use quality ingredients in our products.

Yes, you are able to freeze our breads, we don't recommend freezing our cakes.

Yes, you can microwave some of our breads. For any product with cream in it, we recommend leaving the product at room temperature to defrost. Please do not microwave our cream products.

Refunds and Exchanges

We do not provide refunds or exchanges as our products are perishable goods. If you are not satisfied with our products, please email us at hello@bakerygateau.ca with your name, details of issue, photo of product and order number. We will do our best to resolve the issue.

Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

Some of our cakes and roll cakes contain peanuts or nuts. Our Mocha Cake has walnut and almond toppings. Charlotte Roll Cake has pistachios and almond slices. Our Pound Cake has almond slices. Please refer to our Cake and Roll Cake Ingredient List and Bread Ingredient List

Our facilities uses peanut and nuts frequently, please do not consume our products if you have severe allergic reactions to any of these ingredients.

Yes, our Tiramisu cakes have gelatin.

Some of our products contain alcohol for added flavour. Please refer to the product page for more info.

Currently we do not offer vegan, non-dairy or egg free options.

Have more Questions?

Reach Customer Service at 647.727.8866 ex.0

DM us on Instagram @bakerygateau

Email us at hello@bakerygateau.ca

Message a customer service representative on Chat with Us on our website